21. July 2024

Project Idea

The project “All Together” is an Erasmus+-project that connects schools from Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and the United Kingdom.

Only when children feel safe and secure can they engage in new things, discover the world, learn and develop. All people feel safe and secure when they experience stable bonds and secure relationships. It is therefore necessary to strengthen relationships and ties where they are not sufficiently secure and stable. Only in this way can the basic prerequisites for sustainable and successful school learning be established. This link between attachment/relationship and education is often ignored in school curricula. However, the schools involved in the project have a common interest in focusing on it, working to ensure that this does not happen by chance, but that it is created professionally and pedagogically, thereby making educational work at their schools more sustainable and successful.

The majority of students in our schools find it difficult to make appropriate contact, build, shape and maintain relationships. There are many reasons for this: different disabilities and disorder patterns, unfavourable family conditions, traumatic experiences or biographical breaks. This is why the students of our schools need in a very special way attentive teachers who can turn to them, understand and interpret their expressive possibilities (from aggression to complete withdrawal), and tirelessly strive to make contact with them and build a relationship. Only in such a relationship can the pupils feel secure enough to accept the educational offer of the school at all. And it is such relationships that also bind children from educationally disadvantaged families to the school and thus enable them to obtain a school leaving certificate.

Moreover, only within a relationship can shared or joint attention arise, i.e. a situation in which several people devote themselves to one thing, with different views of that thing. But this is a prerequisite for cultural education, because only in such a situation can interpretations and insight arise. In this way the pupils learn that different people can hold different opinions and that diversity does not stand in the way of a common idea. Stable and functioning relationships are therefore the cornerstone of every education. Therefore, the schools involved in the project would like to intensively examine how they can help their socially disadvantaged pupils to better learn by building stable relationships within the school framework and thus to better chances of social integration into society.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.