21. July 2024

In March 2022, a table football tournament took place for the first time in our school. This was organised and prepared by two motivated 4th grade foosball players. Preparations had been going on for half a year. The two pupils created an overview of what is needed, designed a PowerPoint presentation and presented it to the headteacher. At that moment everyone was excited, could the two pupils convince the headteacher? Yes, he was enthusiastic!

And that’s where it really started: groups were created because the kids said it was unfair for 1st graders to play 4th graders. The pupils parliaments meeting was coming up, the class representatives could be informed here. There, too, the children were enthusiastic and from then on there was only one topic: the table football tournament. Each class provided two players. After fair, exciting games, the winners were determined before the Easter holidays. On April 8th, 2022, a big award ceremony took place in the auditorium. Here, too, a lot had to be considered: song selection, trophies, certificates of participation, medals. The pupils look back with pride on the table football tournament and experienced a very special event for the whole school community, organised by themselves. We all are sure: We will repeat the table football tournament and create a new yearly tradition for our school life and community.

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