18. June 2024

We celebrate Children’s Day together – June 1, 2022

On the last day of May, we celebrated in the Erasmus +All Together Strategic Partnership the Children’s Day.

One of the main objectives of the activity was to strengthen the pupil-pupil and school-community relations by applying the results of participation in the teaching / learning / training activity carried out between 03.05 – 05.05.2022 , hosted by partners from Bulgaria, 136 Primary school Luben Karavelov, Sofia

Schedule of the day:

• All together… we improve the school environment- embellishment of entry into the institution

• Together… we have fun – team sports, games to improve pupil-pupil relationships

• Drawings on asphalt

• We disguise ourselves, we dress up – face painting

• Dance and cheerfulness – party with soap bubbles

At this activity we were joined by pupils from the High School of Arts and from the Nicolae Bălcescu Secondary School from Oradea. In addition to the guests, we benefited, throughout the entire activity, from the support and help of the students enrolled in the professional awareness practice program of the University of Oradea, Faculty of Socio-Human Sciences – Special Psychopedagogy first year.

We opened several workshops for children: the first workshop called All together… we improve the open school environment, in order to arrange/beautify the entrance to the institution, the space with which any person who enters our school comes into contact. The objective we set for ourselves was to encourage teamwork and provide support according to the peer-to-peer method.

The second workshop brought to the attention of the participants several movement games that involved practicing learning through cooperation and “peer to peer” encouraging the improvement of relationships between pupils.

The third workshop was that of drawings on asphalt. with the theme of the participants’ choice. Those who participated in this workshop worked, again in pairs, to encourage teamwork, collaboration and socialization with children from other institutions.

The activity ended with a party with music and dance, along with a hunt for soap bubbles to the joy of those present and a lot of fun.

Snapshots from activity:

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