21. July 2024

Erasmus  Days in 2020, were attended from 15-16 October at CSEI Cristal Oradea. The programme  included in the first part a diary of testimonies of the teachers in the unit on the impact that participation in Erasmus projects with European funding carried out in the unit had on their professional and personal development . Connecting, international solidarity, cooperation, challenge, team spirit, new visions were some of the attributes mentioned by them.

The day continued with the creative workshop/scene All together against Covid 19, with the aim of strengthening relations between staff members in the unit, one of the central goals of the Erasmus + All together strategic partnership. The idea taken from partner school Heinrich Boll Schulle from Germany,  it was skillfully staged by the teachers of CSEI Cristal Oradea managing to create good mood, strengthen staff-staff relations and last but not least to pass on to the children and staff present the rules of protection against the new coronavirus.

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