26. May 2024

As part of the “Social Learning” project week, the dragon class dealt with the subject of knights.

We learned that knights had many good rules that were important for living together in a community. We have tried to transfer these rules to our life at school and in doing so do something good for our school community.

Knights were good hosts and celebrated many festivals. Likewise, we invited our neighboring class, the glowworms, to the cinema in our classroom. We watched a movie together. Of course there was popcorn, too. The visit was great and we had a great day together!

The zebra class is our first grade. We made presents to make the new pupils feel at home at our school. Each zebra received a self-made bookmark from us. Welcome to the Heinrich Böll Schule, dear zebras!

Knights had to take care of their belongings, keep everything in order and make it beautiful. In our school, we have made it our goal to ensure that we keep the building nice and clean to make everyone feels comfortable, too. Now we painted clay pots and filled them with bird seed, which we hung on the trees in the school garden. This makes our garden more beautiful and the birds are happy, too!

Everyone likes school better when it’s colorful and cheerful. We have made sure that our hallway is more beautiful and that the children of all classes like it there. We have decorated the windows of our corridor with a lot of self-made owls. All pupils enjoy the friendly animals who are watching us running, walking, playing and learning in the corridors.

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