18. June 2024

All together in … “Holland”

Under the title ”All together in … “Holland””on December 3rd, the activity Parent and Teacher was carried out – for the success of the special children at C.Ş.E.I. Cristal Oradea.

The coordinators of the activity: Prof. Vesa Maria Ramona, Bar Emoke, Dura Anca and Tripon Bianca took over the idea of its development from the international partners in the UK, Dales School, Blyth within the Erasmus + All Together Strategic Partnership, exhibited by them on the occasion of the teaching / learning / training activity carried out between 23-25.11.2021 at the Heinrich Böll School in Frechen, Germany.

The activity was organized with the purpose of strengthening the relations between teachers and parents of the children from classes/ groups in view of a better collaboration, cooperation – all for the well-being of our little ones.

Based on the essay written by Emily Perl Kingsley Welcome to … The Netherlands , a touching essay that illustrates the experience of seeing your expectations of life overturned, our activity wanted to strengthen in parents the belief that they are not alone, that we are with them on this journey …

Before the actual start of the activity, we transmitted to parents, through various media channels, the text of the essay, as well as the preview of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities – December 3rd.

The coordinators of the groups/classes asked the parents for family photos – along with them, the teachers selected photos in which they appear with the children in various activities: teaching, playing, extracurriculars. For these photos, children have decorated frames through various techniques: gluing, collage, painting, application.

In order to create the frames, the children benefited from the help of the volunteer students from the Oradea Arts High School, coordinated by Prof. Costea Mihaela.

At the end, the photographs, placed in the original frames created by the little ones, were placed on the panel at the entrance to the institution, framing the text of the essay mentioned above, to be seen and admired by the parents. They were invited, by the teachers, to take them when they left home.

Snapshots from the activity:

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