18. June 2024

At the moment our students are mostly taught in home schooling. Only once a week they visit school and experience face-to-face teaching. In order to maintain a good exchange with them, telephone calls and video conferences with the students take place regularly. For school and private questions, the teachers can always be reached on their private telephone number, and of course parents and guardians can also contact them.
In order to support pupils from educationally disadvantaged families, who may not be provided with technical devices, equipment is available for loan at school so that all students can participate in online lessons equally.
In order to stabilise personal contacts with their parents’ homes, pupils’ reports are brought home by their teachers on the last day of school.
The exchange with colleagues takes place in regular team video conferences. In addition, various groups have been set up in “Microsoft Teams”, through which an exchange can take place on a small and large scale. There is also a “teachers’ room” installed there for casual conversations on professional or private topics. At conference time, a joint coffee break is offered via video conference.
On the day of presence in the school, each teacher is supported by another one from an originally different class teacher team. This strengthens the cooperation among the colleagues.

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