26. May 2024


Erasmus days 2021

Between October 14-15, 2021, the Erasmus Days took place at the C.Ș.E.I. Cristal Oradea.

The activity, carried out within the Strategic Partnership Erasmus + All Together, a project financed with the support of the European Commission, aimed at strengthening the teacher-parent relations, one of the objectives of the project.

In this activity, at the level of each group / class, the teachers with the children, made small thank you gifts, consisting of letters, fridge magnets with messages, greeting boxes, greeting cards etc., which were handed to parents.

The role of these little attentions prepared with so much love, was to bring closer, to create or strengthen connections between parents and teachers, connections that have been slightly distanced, due to the current pandemic situation. The teachers’ messages were of gratitude for the support, help, collaboration, understanding that the parents showed in the current special situation.

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