26. May 2024

Movie night … all together, was an activity in which teachers, parents and children were invited to relax, disconnect and socialize. The main purpose of the activity was to strengthen the teacher-parent relations.

The coordinators of the activity were Vesa Maria Ramona, Bar Emoke and Dura Anca. They took the idea of this activity from the international partners from Germany – Heinrich Böll School in Frechen – within the Erasmus + All Together Strategic Partnership, exposed by them on the occasion of the teaching / learning / training activity carried out between 23-25.11.2021.

The idea of international partners was modified and adapted to institutional needs, and, taking advantage of the relaxation of pandemic restrictions, was extended; our partners focusing on strengthening student-student relationships. Our activity has been designed to strengthen both student-student and teacher-parent relationships, as the main objective, as well as teacher-students relationships.

The location of the event chosen was Cinema Palace within Lotus Center Oradea.

The date of the activity was not chosen by chance, just two days prior everyone was celebrating the 8th of March, Mother’s Day. As a result, the mothers were invited, along with the children and teachers, to celebrate this special day, in a different setting, outside the institution. 

A dubbed animated film for children, Clifford, very much appreciated by all the participants, was chosen for viewing. As a film viewing is not complete without specific snacks, each participant was pampered with popcorn and juice of their choice.

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