18. June 2024

For the first time teachers of five classes at the Heinrich Böll Schule have planned a joint teaching project in which collegial exchange was tested in a completely new way.

The focus of the joint teaching project “We in Frechen” was the ability to change perspectives as the basis for creating any relationship.

To this end the teachers designed a new school mascot based on the school’s logo. The pupils council got involved by organizing a vote where all the students in the school voted on the name and began to identify with it. Niko, as the new mascot is now called, should remain a figure of identification in everyday school life even after the end of the teaching project. He is to be given a permanent place in the school’s rituals and as a cloth figure that can be borrowed by pupils who need a little comfort.

But at the beginning Niko doesn’t know his way around. That’s why he needs “pupil experts” to show him around the school and the city so that he can feel comfortable and secure. The pupils of the five participating classes each dealt with a specific topic such as playgrounds, fire brigade, libraries. Afterwards Niko visited the classes and together we went on an excursion where the students could present their knowledge to Niko.

Niko and the frog class explore the libraray and the ice cafe:

Niko and the Rocket class explore playgrounds

Children design Niko figures

Look for Niko :)!

In the course of this teaching project, it turned out that it not only developed the sense of community in class and school and the sense of belonging to the city in which our school is located. The wonderful experiences have also contributed to the fact that pupils and teachers have found many new opportunities for communication, even beyond class boundaries, and got to know and appreciate each other better.

Unfortunately, due to the school closure because of the Corona Pandemic, Niko was no longer able to attend all classes. The joint final event at which Niko was supposed to tell all classes about his great experiences could no longer take place. Nevertheless, this teaching project was a great experience for pupils and teachers. We will definitely do this again once this pandemic is over!

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