21. April 2024

The hedgehog-class worked on the topic „My emotions – your emotions”. Pupils designed a barometer for emotions. Each day they showed and talked about their emotions to their classmates during the daily class assembly.

The hedgehog pupils painted „good mood”-glasses with all things and activities which bring them into good mood.

They sticked the „good mood”-glasses on friendly faces and gave them as “good-mood”-faces to the other classes of the school. On this way each class was visited by good mood.

The hedgehog pupils read together the book “Swimmy”, which is a book about individuality and the strength of community. They worked on different tasks e.g., they presented a pantomime of Swimmy emotions and illustrated them in n own book.

In the gym the class played the game “fear”, “courage”, “joy” and during English lessons they danced to the song “If you are happy…”.

The pupils wrote down compliments to each other and collected them in personal “compliment-booklets”.

The pupils discovered a lot of fishes with different emotions in the book “Today I am…”. They painted colourful fishes with strong emotions.

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