18. June 2024

Schools in Germany reopened after Summer Holidays

In all German states schools are open again after the summer holidays. Also the Janusz-Korczak-Schule has started teaching again – of course under Corona conditions. This means that pupils and teachers form fixed groups that must not mix with other classes. During the breaks not all pupils are together, so that the schoolyard is not so full. All students and teachers must wear masks in the school building. When entering the building, everyone must disinfect their hands.

Lunch cannot be taken in the canteen, so all students must eat in their classroom. At the beginning of the school year, everyone had to wear a mask even during lessons. At least that has changed in the meantime. When the pupils are sitting at their tables, they are allowed to take off their masks.

In Janusz-Korczak-Schule, the Juko (short for youth conference) is an important event in school life. Every Friday, students come together and have a look back at the past week. The Juko is still taking place, but also under Corona conditions: Only half of the students can participate at the same time. All of them must sit on their chair with a safe distance and mask. Our picture shows what the first Juko of the school year looked like.

So far, everyone at school has remained healthy. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that it stays that way.
And we wish all students and adults at our partner schools that you are well and healthy through this time.

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