21. July 2024

Remote Communication between Teachers and Parents

Corona has made it difficult to maintain the familiar ways of communication between school and parents. Not every familiy has an email account and is experienced to use it properly. Some parents do not have the opportunity to print out documents or school material for their children. Speaking on the telephone is important and helpful, but an asynchronous form of communication would be very helpful.

When students are in school, teachers often hand out letters to the parents on paper. But only too often, students forget these letters in their school bags or parents do not think of returning the letters to the teacher. So Janusz-Korczak-Schule decided to look for a different and complementary way to give information to the parents.

The app “SchoolFox” was the solution. An application for computers and smartphones, which which teachers can write letters to all parents at once. Parents must confirm that they have read the messages, so teachers can be sure that the parents have received the information. Additionally, teachers can attach files to the messages, so that school material can be transferred to the families if the children are not at school. And – another advantage in pandemic times – teachers can initiate video conferences through the application.

The rollout of the app is still going on, but first expereince shows the advantages of this modern form of communication. Contrary to applications as WhatsApp and others there are no concerns with regard to data protection. The app is completely compliant to GDPR regulations.

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