18. June 2024

Inspired by our school chaplain Christoph Mohrmann, an introduction to the structure of the event technology took place on two Thursdays with the electrical engineering student Frederik. Some interested pupils from class 8 had registered. The main focus was the construction of sound, video and light engineering for a broadcast of the musical “Die vergessene Weihnacht” with reading by adults, singing by the primary school pupils from the Laggenbecker Straße location and singer Oliver Tiez! All parts will be recorded separately at a later date and digitally combined.

Under the expert guidance of Frederik, the pupils learned how to assemble connections with cables, how to set up controls via PC and how to control sound technology properly. Lighting effects were creatively designed and changed according to the students’ mood. With a lot of skill and perseverance, different effects and settings were created.

Christoph Mohrmann and Cathrin Bernroth were surprised and amazed at how much interest, skill and knowledge the students showed in completing these tasks!

All respect! We can be very curious to see how the technical team will accompany the musical story! The older pupils were happy to help the youger ones who will perform the Christmas theater.

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