26. May 2024

All together … reading day

On 02.02.2022 we celebrated the “International Day of Reading Together” at C.S.E.I. Cristal Oradea.

The activity, carried out in the Erasmus +All Together Strategic Partnership card, aimed at strengthening the teacher-student relations, but also the parent teacher, two of the major objectives of the project.

In the current context reading is no longer a constant preoccupation of our day, now that information is accessible to everybody through the Internet, interest in reading has decreased. Thus we decided to celebrate the International Day of Reading Together. We also wanted to encourage parents to read to their children, an activity that fewer and fewer parents are doing for lack of time.

The activity was carried out in two stages, one in the institution and one at home. At the level of each participating group/ class, the coordinating teachers had the freedom to choose any story, fable, folk story, the only condition imposed was that of being from the national literary creation. This rule was also followed by the parents. For preschoolers, we chose to read with them well-known stories, using books with illustrations, paintings and images to encourage them to express themselves, to practice their vocabulary, to tell stories freely…

In the classes, where possible, the children were encouraged to read, at their choice, stories from the books made available by the teachers. The children read together with their teachers, enjoyed a pleasant and relaxing activity.

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