21. July 2024

Europe Day 2021 – Erasmus Garden at CSEI Cristal Oradea

Under the title Erasmus Garden , preschoolers and scholars of our institution participated in an art therapy activity organized within the framework of the Erasmus+ All Together Strategic Partnership (2019-2022), project funded with the support of the European Commission.

The main aim of the activity was to strengthen teacher-student and teacher-teacher relations, which are two of the main objectives of the Erasmus +All Together Strategic Partnership, but also a perfect opportunity for our preschoolers and scholars to learn information, to acquire knowledge that enriches their horizons about European partnering countries in our projects.

In order to carry out the planned activities optimally, the institution’s garden has been arranged, the renovation work was initiated and carried out by a team of teachers, the work contributing in strengthening of staff-staff relations.

Activities with children were carried out in a spring environment. They were familiarized with the partnering countries by painting stone flowers in the colors of the flags of the partnering countries and than they helped to decorated the Erasmus Garden at  CSEI Cristal yard. 

In the first part of the day, each group/class was assigned on of the partnering countries. Coordinating teachers, prepared ppt presentations, videos, photo albums about each of the partnering countries, familiarizing children with the colors of the flags of each country was one of the relevant aspects of each presentation. Scholars from the ,,class for children with visual disabilities,, greeted each other in the languages of the partnering countries and colored specific worksheets.

Then, in the second part of the day, in each group, creative workshops were organized  to make flowers in the colors of the flags of the partnering countries. The flowers were made out of river stones, of various sizes, arranged in the form of a flower, then colored by children, using the colors of the flags of the partnering countries.

At the end of the activity, each class/group came out into the courtyard, the painted flowers were placed in a special space.

To beautify the Erasmus Garden corner, a toy windmill with the name of the partnering country was placed next to each flower, and a painted clay mushroom with the project name was placed in the middle of the flower groups.

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