26. May 2024

At the beginning of the school year, the rocket class worked on the lesson project “Me, you, all together”. In this way, pupils and teachers were able to get to know each other well and it was not difficult to grow together quickly into a class community.

A body percussion rap helped us learn the names of the many new kids while also being a great way to celebrate our new community. Everyone could feel very clearly: It depends on me, it depends on you and above all it depends that we are together!

Lots of games in the classroom and gym have drawn our attention to the other people in our community. Each child had to look closely at what another person was doing or listening to what they were saying. So it was also possible to do something together and help each other. We thank our Romanian friends for some wonderful challenges which have reached us via paperplane :). Look here :).

In order for everyone to feel safe and at home at school and as part of the community, it is important to know where everything is and how to get there. In the orientation rally: “What might be behind that door?” the pupils of the rocket class found out exactly that. Some pupils could lead their classmates, others could easily be helped. Now everyone knows!

In the psychomotor room we also noticed that we can do a lot together. Together we can build towers to the ceiling and set up long rows of dominoes (and knock them over, of course!) But this only works if everyone looks out for each other and helps each other.

You can also paint together! The rockets painted a big picture by rolling balls to each other. It was great fun and hands got really dirty!

But our work of art wasn’t finished yet. Every kid in our class is a rocket, so every kid made a rocket. We belong together and all together we are the rocket class. Anyone who walks past our classroom can see that now.

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