26. May 2024

In November 2021 Heinrich-Böll-Schule welcomed ten international guests from Romania, Bulgaria, England and Germany. We were very lucky to meet each other in a little break of the Corona pandemic. All participants experienced a week full of interesting new contents, of activities and fun and a great feeling of community.

Beside the school tour and a lot of interesting presentations which you can find here , participants had planned some workshops.

CSEI Cristal organised a workshop which dealt with the idea of saying thank you to the parents of our pupils for leaving the children with us. Participants developed ideas how to craft little presents for the parents and tried out their own ideas.

Pupils and teachers invited participants to join their bodypercussion activity “Me, you, all together, yeah”. Pupils have been proud to meet international people and show them how to do the activity. We all had a lot of fun. The Bulgarian partner school took the challenge home to develope a bodypercussion perfomance with their pupils.

Participants experienced a workshop in the fantasy laboratory of the Max-Ernst-Museum Brühl. They worked all together to produce a collage with the technic of “frottage”.

Janusz-Korczak-Schule prepared a workshop about playing interactive games together. All participants tried out the games and worked together for having fun and success.

And of course there were some activities during the evenings and nights…

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