21. April 2024

Happy birthday Europe!

In the beautiful month of May, within the project: Erasmus+KA229 ”All together”(2019-2021) we have celebrated our wonderful continent, Europe. We and our kids were happy to celebrate our partners: Germany, Bulgaria, UK and to be a part of this big European family.

This year it’s a particular one because we celebrated on a virtual platform. While we are taking the first steps in online education, in the context of the pandemic that is trying all the inhabitants of Europe and the planet, we have found an occasion to celebrate: Europe Day.

The celebration was physically impossible, but the online platforms allowed us to commemorate together. In this way the teachers, the children and parents were ”all together” to celebrate our partners and our old continent. The children made the flags of multiple European countries including the ones that belong to our project partners, flags that reached all the members of our center on the wings of the internet.

Happy birthday our beloved Europe!

The Romanian Team, from CSEI „Cristal”, Oradea!

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