21. April 2024

Today we would like to introduce you to our school dog Happy. Happy visits the students regularly to increase their self-confidence, to reduce fears and tensions, to take responsibility and to establish a positive atmosphere.

Especially in Corona times Happy has a special importance. In general, the dog increases the students motivation to visit school and to take part in class. In addition to that Happy encourages the students to get in contact and to communicate with each other. Especially the current situation worries a lot of students. Attended by Happy they talk about hygienic measures and their importance. The feelings and thoughts of Happy are always discussed. For example, they talk about how Happy feels seeing all the students wearing a mask and keeping distance. To see hygienic measures from a different perspective often helps students to share own thoughts, fears and tensions.

Moreover, special games and exercises support students to strengthen their relationships. As you can see in the pictures Happy learned to spin a wheel of fortune. In this way the students for example do different athletic sports as an energizer. Furthermore, they do collaborative activities. In the pictures they try to hand food with a spoon to the next person in order to give it to Happy.   

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