26. May 2024

Horse riding and vaulting – with and without Corona

Horse riding and vaulting has been a fixed educational offer at our school for years and takes place in the yard of a colleague for selected primary and secondary school students as part of the all-day exercise program. The safety decree regulates the requirements. The performing teachers each hold the Trainer-C-license for the school sport of vaulting or the school sport of horse riding and have additional trainings in the curative educational vaulting DKThR or in the therapeutic riding ART.

As an extension of the existing concept, since the 2016/17 school year, horse riding/ vaulting has been offered jointly as part of a sponsorship project for both primary and secondary school groups. The younger students get additional contact persons, they orientate themselves on the behavior of the older ones and gladly accept the help of older students. The older students practice taking responsibility for themselves and others. In addition, the assistance requires sensible planning and good agreements. In this interplay of care and the assumption of responsibility, individual support succeeds.

The students acquire basic knowledge of horse keeping and animal behavior, they learn new movements on and with the horse. They should act consciously on the horseback and perceive and understand the reaction of the horse. Dealing with the horse, riding and vaulting challenge the whole person, promote a holistic development and serve the mental and physical health in a comprehensive sense.

We are happy to continue to offer our students this possibility of support despite Corona – even if under different conditions.

Now only the children of the elementary school are allowed to take part in the horse riding and vaulting classes, so that the learning groups do not mix. Furthermore, closer contact is only possible with masks. Fortunately, we have plenty of space in the riding hall and can keep our distance.

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