9. December 2021

Rocket class of Heinrich-Böll-Schule experienced a teaching project “Me, you, all together, yeah!”. This was for strengenthing community and relationships between pupils and adults. Nearly two thirds of the pupils are new first grades and come directly from Kindergarten.

A body percussion rap helped us learn the names of the many new children and was also a good way to celebrate our new community. Everyone could feel very clearly: It depends on me, it depends on you and above all it depends on the fact that we are together!

Many games in the classroom and gym have drawn our attention to our community. Every child had to look very carefully at what another person was doing or listening to what the person was saying. In this way it worked to do something together or to help each other. These ideas come from our partner school in Romania. We give a big thank you for so much gaming fun! 🙂

In the psychomotoric room, we also noticed that we can achieve a lot together. Together we can build high towers to the ceiling and set up long rows of dominoes (and of course knock them over!). But that only works if everyone looks out for one another and helps one another.

You can also paint together! The rockets painted a large picture by rolling balls into themselves. It was great fun and our hands got really dirty! Of course, the pupils also had to look very carefully at what the others were doing, otherwise the ball would have fallen off and painted the floor.

But our art work was not finished yet. Each child in our class is a rocket and so each child made a rocket by painting, cutting and glueing. We belong together and all together we are the rocket class. Anyone walking past our classroom can see that now. We have put all the rockets into our big common picture.

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