21. July 2024

Strengthening Staff Relationships by Interviews

Every day at school we work with people we think we know well. But is that really the case? Where did my colleague study? Does the class teacher from the neighboring class really like to cook Asian food? And which sport does my colleague prefer?

The Erasmus team of the Janusz-Korczak School gave a creative impulse to strengthen the team during an internal training course. The colleagues were put together in small groups of 8-10 people. In these groups 2 people always talked to each other and interviewed the partner about likes and dislikes, hobbies and biographical details. After a short time the roles were changed.

In the end, each one introduced his partner to the rest of the group. During the introduction a small untruth about the colleague had to be inserted. The group now had to find out which information did not correspond to the truth.

Everyone had a lot of fun. information that was previously unknown was admired. It was not always so easy for the group to find out the untruth.

This method offers a good entry into a group work phase. It serves as a warm-up, you get into a good conversation and after the exercise it is easier to work on more difficult contents.

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