21. July 2024

Can you imagine a donkey in school? You would be surprised how patient and empathetic these animals can be. Sometimes more than humans…In our special anSchub-project there are two donkeys that are now part of the daily schedule für teachers and students. And they can support to improve the relationships, especially between the pupils. The names of the donkeys are Gepetto and Pinocchio – it is not known whether the two are also as stubborn as a wooden doll….

Since the beginning of the school year 2020/21, the students of our project class anSchuB have been taking care of two donkeys every day. Their tasks include regularly mucking out the barn and refilling the straw bed. The feeding nets have to be filled and the water changed every day. In addition, the students take the donkeys to the pasture in between and clean the animals. Small hikes are also part of the community activities. Especially during the latter, there are many good moments of a positive relationship between all participants.

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